Meet Mary Garden

Mary Garden is a leadership advisor, executive coach and balanced lifestyle curator offering clients her expertise gained from 30+ years in international business leadership. She is a long time student of business, human culture and wellbeing with a degree in Cultural Anthropology (UBC), MBA (UBC) and certification through the Chopra Center for Well Being in Meditation & Ayurveda, and Yoga Alliance. She is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant and a Reverend with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.

“I believe we all have a unique purpose in life; something that we are meant to do that serves us, our families and our communities. Knowing our purpose allows us to begin aligning our personal and professional lives to achieve a state of sustainable balance and flow. Then look out world!” Mary Garden,  2015

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workplace wellbeing

More and more organizations and industry leaders are starting to recognize that health, wellness, creativity and motivation in the workplace are essential ingredients for success and sustained performance. Organizations with healthy employees who maintain a good work-life balance, who practice healthy stress-busting habits and who engage effectively with peers have shown  to have lower health care expenses and employee absenteeism. Call us today about your Workplace WellBeing.

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Executive Coaching

Could your career benefit from working with an executive coach? Maybe get some help navigating the ladder of success in your office, working through challenging relationships and being more effective in your job? An executive coach recognizes the client as the expert in their lives and together they work towards an outcome of client-generated solutions and action plans.

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At Mary Garden & Associates, we are business professionals helping other business professionals. We work with busy executives and leadership teams to maximize your performance by helping you develop strategies to minimize the interference that keeps you from reaching your potential.

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"Values stand at the very core of human decision‐making. When we work in an organization whose culture aligns with our personal values, we feel liberated. We are able to bring our full selves to work. We not only bring our energy, our creativity, and our enthusiasm, we also bring our commitment to the well‐being of our associates and the success of the organization. Unleashing this energy is tantamount to liberating the corporate soul." Barrett Values Center

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